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The Actumator

The AcTUMator Project will focus on developing the capacity to cheaply build high-performance actuators in-house and create novel bio-inspired actuators. By reducing costs, this initiative will advance robotic capabilities and foster innovation in the field.

The hardware fund

Recognizing the necessity and expense of advanced robotic hardware, we at RoboTUM are establishing the Hardware Fund. This charitable fund will purchase state-of-the-art hardware for students and researchers, with part of our production systematically allocated to it. This project also provides a tax-deductible incentive for partners to collaborate.

The Robotic's Speaker Series

Our upcoming Robotics Speaker Series will offer a series of talks and workshops from leading researchers and companies in robotics and AI. This initiative aims to share cutting-edge knowledge and inspire the next generation of innovators in the field.

The robot reclamation project

Our Robot Reclamation Project will reclaim old robots from research labs and companies, provide necessary maintenance, and make them available to students, new researchers, or museums of technology. This initiative ensures that valuable robotic hardware continues to contribute to education.

The Munich Robotics Summit

Our Munich Robotics Summit will feature three main events: a Robothon, a Conference, and a Robotics Competition. Organized with other institutions and student initiatives, this annual event will bring all major robotics organizations to Munich, creating a hub for innovation and collaboration.

We at RoboTUM will compete in Humanoids 2024 in Nancy, France with our upcoming creation—a humanoid robot set to be the fastest on earth. This project will incorporate every aspect of state-of-the-art robotics into one groundbreaking robot, showcasing the pinnacle of modern engineering.

RoboTum's humanoid Robot



"RoboTUM provides TUM students with a collaborative platform to excel in robotics through workshops, hackathons, and projects, bridging academia and industry, and fostering personal growth, skill development, and ethical practices.”


“RoboTUM aims to establish Munich as a leading robotics hub by fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and innovative community at TUM, promoting ethical practices, entrepreneurial spirit, and measurable impacts in robotics.”

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